Ensure the safety of all cast and crew members

Comprehensive film production security services 

Our film security and close protection security secure your safety at all times whether on or off-set, providing your crew and cast the ability to efficiently perform their tasks during production and effectively provide secure down-time allowing your cast and crew the opportunity to relax or rehearse between sets.

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We provide personal transportation protection for our crew and cast. We specialize in "secure door-to-secure door" service. You can utilize our chauffer service or we can shadow your movements in an unmarked vehicle. Our officers are trained to integrate into your surroundings either as uniformed or plain clothed security to ensure the safe delivery of our client to their destination. Our highly trained, elite bodyguards are qualified to work in high-risk complex environments to provide your safety while preserving your privacy and lifestyle.


Physically protect valuable assets such as cameras, props, etc. while on-set or during transportation. We will devise a proper risk assessment and security plan to significantly reduce or eliminate risk to ensure the safety and security of all assets.

Our officers will be responsible for:

  • Location security
  • Cast and Crew Security
  • Equipment Security
  • Crowd control
  • Street Reservation (closures)
  • Traffic Management and Maintaining Fire Lanes
  • Escorting Production through traffic


Our entire organization takes full responsibility for your security while preserving your privacy and lifestyle.

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