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  • Intrusion detection utilizing IR (night vision) cameras
  • Artificial intelligence determines the threat level
  • Threat is relayed to the command center


  • Rapid deployment within 30 minutes
  • Completely customizable
  • Hardware that is big and bold, our trailer units are built to be a deterrent
  • Red and blue strobe lights alarm the intruder they have been identified
  • 2-way speaker allows virtual guard at the command center to verbally respond


  • Guard (on site or patrol) moves into position to seize control of the situation
  • Police are alerted and directed to arrest persistent criminals before a loss is incurred

Peace Of Mind On Your Property

With Our Mobile Surveillance Systems

Our mobile security platform is intuitive, intelligent, and easy to use. The remote security platform makes it easy to track thermal signatures, monitor analytics, adjust camera angles, manage alerts, and even adjust the unit’s sounds and lights. The Shield team of seasoned surveillance professionals are prepared to focus on what matters most to you! Whether you want us to monitor your parking lot, property or perimeter, our service is entirely customizable.

Contact us and we'll set up a time for quick demo. We'll show you how it works and how powerful it is.

  • Infrared And Thermal Imaging Cameras To Detect Every Intruder
  • 8 Second Intrusion Detection On Average
  • 24/7 Live Security Guard Monitoring
  • Prevent Crime and Increase Safety
  • Up To 70% Reduction In Store Theft
  • Green Cell Fuel Generator And Solar Panels
  • 2 Way Loud Speakers 
LVT Cameras

Mobile Security Is Perfect For:

  • Government
  • Education
  • Entertainment
  • Property Management
  • Housing
  • Retail
  • Infrastructure
  • Construction
  • Law Enforcement
  • Transportation

Security That Doesn't Blink

We provide state of the art mobile security solutions that can go just about anywhere.  With PTZ, thermal, infrared, and panoramic cameras with analytics to provide you situational awareness day and night, rain or shine.

See Our Units In Action

Mobile, rapid, and wireless

Who has time for a difficult install and a complicated surveillance platform? Not us. And certainly not you. Our dependable mobile surveillance units make it easier than ever to protect your assets. Our dependable mobile surveillance trailers make it easier than ever to protect your assets.

  • Installation in less than 30 minutes
  • No wires, power, or internet required
  • Remote access wherever you are

Solar powered cameras

Not only are we mobile, but we’re remarkably efficient. Discover how our security company uses solar power to ensure peak performance for surveillance units in rural areas.


Current Users Of The Mobile Security Unit:


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